Beyond HOPE
Speakers and Panels

The conference itself will be a very fine balance between people who know so much they can be considered a national threat and those who are terminally curious and never know when to stop asking questions. Look for lots of talk on how to secure your privacy through encryption and what the governments of the world are doing to stop you.

New forms of communication such as GSM phones will also be thoroughly explored. The future of credit cards and the transformation to chip cards is something a great many of us take an interest in. And, for many, the topic of just what is a hacker will be an educational experience.

If you're not a hacker, prepare to have a lot of myths dispelled. In particular, we will have a media panel where the tables will be turned. The hackers will question the reporters. And, to make the media circus even more complete, expect a thorough demonstration of what pirate radio is all about and how the tables can be turned.

In addition, there will be a live broadcast of the hacker radio show "Off The Hook" from the conference site beamed out to the entire New York metropolitan area in which attendees can participate.

  Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00 AM
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
Opening: Hacking for
the Next Century
1:00 PM
Tiger TeamingLow Bandwidth Access
2:00 PM
Info for the MassesDangerous Legislation
3:00 PM
The l0PhtCDC and
World Domination
4:00 PM
CRYPTOGRAPHYHIP Closing Ceremonies
5:00 PM
The Media PanelSocial Engineering
6:00 PM Press ConferenceOpen Mic(`til 6:30)
/ Off The Hook
7:00 PM Multimedia Web ExtravaganzaOff The Hook(until 8:30)Prisoners
8:00 PM Multimedia Web ExtravaganzaOff The Hook(until 8:30) / Open MicThe Kevin Mitnick Story
9:00 PM 2600 PanelPirate Radio / TAP Reunion 
10:00 PMHacker VideosWhere Hackers and
Criminals Collide
11:00 PMHacker VideosGSMClosing Ceremonies?

The just-about-finalized list of Panels:

In Central Park
Thursday, 8:00 pm
We're pleased as punch that we could find a way to get Garth Brooks into the program. When he first came to us asking to be included, we just didn't have any space or time over at the Puck Building. It took a lot of phone calls and favors that we'll be pa ying back for years, but we were able to get Garth a spot on the Great Lawn in Central Park on Thursday night. This concert is FREE and is ONLY FOR HACKERS although it's possible some others may come by. Let's show Garth some support as he's done so much for the hacker community over the years.

Open to attendees
Friday, 6:00 pm
As we kick off the conference, we thought it would be only right to take questions from the various members of the press who will be in attendance. This will also be the time where we will be announcing things too shocking to be printed here. It's a good opportunity for all of us to meet the people who will be covering the conference and to dispel all those myths and rumors that seem to follow us around the planet.

The place to see some really neat shit
Friday, 7:00 pm
We'll have a huge LCD projector, a kickass sound system, and a 10 megabit connection to the net. For those of you who have never surfed the web before, and even for those who have, this is a really cool way to see just what's out there.

Your favorite 2600 staffers
Friday, 9:00 pm
Since this whole thing is being thrown together by 2600 and friends, we thought it would be nice to have a panel dedicated to the zine, what has happened over the years, where 2600 is going, and what could be done better. This is your chance to ask whatev er questions you've had festering over the past 13 years.

Bring your favorites!
Friday, 10:00 pm
We've got the video projector and the sound system - now we're gathering together all the hacker related videos we can get our hands on. There have been so many interesting and sometimes pathetic things that have ben produced over the years. We'll show so me hacker produced videos as well as non-hacker produced videos about hackers. Plus more. Confused? Enjoy it.

Brock Meeks
Saturday, 12:00 noon
In this age of heightened awareness about security and hacking, where have all the good hacks gone? Too many are claiming the title "hacker" when they are no more than snot-nosed wannabe posers. Or worse, downright petty criminals, as was witnessed at Defcon when people were trying to pass counterfeit bills and bad counterfeit bills at that. Brock will talk about where hackers have come from, where they've gone, and where they should head into the new millenium.

Chris Nichols, Laura Brown, Steve Lutz, Phiber Optik
Saturday, 1:00 pm
What are the implications when hacking becomes legal? Over the years, major companies have learned to rely on the expertise of the same people they once tried to prosecute. Hear some interesting stories about what has happened in this weird marriage of tw o cultures. And decide for yourself what kind of effect this will have on the future of hacking.

Private Investigator Steven Rambam
Saturday, 2:00 pm
There is so much information available on all of us, but most of it is only accessible to governments and to major companies/big business. In this session, the hackers will "level the playing field" and access data that is not restricted, but is rather... expensive. Or just plain hidden. There will also be a discussion on just how much info is out there, including such categorization as religion, health, sexual preference, etc.

THE l0pht
Brian Oblivion, Weld Pond, Kingpin, Mudge, Space Rogue, Tan, and Stefan.
Saturday, 3:00 pm
This, incidentally, is the ENTIRE l0pht lineup all in one place at one time! They will be talking about recent projects and accomplishments, not the least of which will be their adventures with Windows NT and why Microsoft would like to see them shot. Look for some new projects to be introduced and for a discussion of emerging trends and shortcomings in the technologies that are backing them. This will be followed by a Q/A session.
[This panel will be linked to the HIP conference.]

Bruce Schneier
Saturday, 4:00 pm
From encryption to digital signatures to electronic commerce to secure voting - cryptography has become the enabling technology that allows us to take existing business and social constructs and move them to computer networks. But a lot of cryptography is bad, and the problem with bad cryptography is that it looks just like good cryptography; most people cannot tell the difference. Security is a chain: only as strong as the weakest link. In this talk Bruce will take a look at the future of cryptography: the needs, the threats, the limits of technology, and the promise of the future.
[This panel will be linked to the HIP conference.]

Saturday, 5:00 pm
Did you ever watch a news story about hackers on television where ALL of the facts are wrong? Did you ever read a newspaper article that just seemed to miss the point entirely? Don't you find it frustrating how you never get the opportunity to grill the people responsible? Well... you may want to be at this panel. We think it'll make you feel a whole lot better. No weapons allowed.

Anyone and everyone
Saturday, 6:00 pm
We'll have several of these throughout the conference, some scheduled and some last minute. You can register to speak out with one of our friendly Open Mike Registration (OMR) staffpeople.

Emmanuel Goldstein, Phiber Optik, and more!
Saturday, 6:30 pm
A special two hour live broadcast from the conference to the entire tri-state area. "Off The Hook" airs weekly on WBAI 99.5 FM and has gotten a very diverse audience over the years. This show will obviously be different than most since there aren't usually hundreds of people in the studio like there will be here. There will be all kinds of special guests and surprises, most of which we probably won't even be expecting. We hope to link this show to the HIP conference and have it available live over the mbone and real audio to make this the largest hacker broadcast ever.

Anyone and everyone
Saturday, 8:30 pm
Yep, it's another one of those open mike sessions. More of these will pop up on a last minute schedule change type of thing. You can register to speak out with one of our friendly Open Mike Registration (OMR) staffpeople.

Steal This Radio staff, Lazlow of the Techno-File Radio Network
Saturday, 9:00 pm
What does pirate radio have to do with hacking? Are you SERIOUS?! Come on, don't be stupid. First off, it's wrong to call micro-broadcasters pirates. If anyone's a pirate, it's those megacorporations who take over the airwaves and dictate what it is that we watch and what kind of music we listen to. But it's our own fault, for standing by and watching it happen. Tonight you can begin to change. Meet the people from "Steal This Radio", a low power operation eminating from somewhere in the neighborhood. This station has no censorship, lots of interesting and diverse programs, and a growing audience. And there are more of these stations popping up on the dial all over the country. Learn how it's done and hear firsthand how commercial broadcasting operates.

Ira Winkler
Saturday, 10:00 pm
A talk on how and where the hacker and criminal communities intersect. This presentation will also address what basic skills a "real hacker" would have. Highlighting this topic will be an "Are You Clueless?" test.

Phiber Optik, t0m from England
Saturday, 11:00 pm
One of the newest hacker toys is the GSM phone, which has been around in Europe for quite some time and has just being introduced in this country fairly recently with companies like Omnipoint and Sprint Spectrum. We'll show the capabilities and potential weaknesses of these phones and compare the different systems that exist throughout the world. Learn about the future of telecommunications from the people who will help to shape it.

Red Balaclava
Sunday, 12:00 noon
The mystery transit employee who appeared at the original Hackers On Planet Earth conference in 1994 returns (via ISDN) to talk about the easily hackable but ingeniously self-correcting payment method of New York City's subways and buses. We will also discuss the subtle - and possibly increasing - dangers of the Transit Authority's ability to trace YOUR travels via Metrocard.

Cheshire Catalyst
Sunday, 1:00 pm
A discussion and demonstration on how to achieve Internet access using simple text-only computer terminals and web browsers to access information on the World Wide Web. While you don't get all the graphics and whiz-bang, you CAN get basic information, download files, images and software for later perusal, and you DON'T need a Windows machine to do all this! Webmasters will be given tips on making their pages more accessible to these users.

Shabbir Safdar
Sunday, 2:00 pm
There has been much movement recently involving dangerously vague legislation aimed against hackers and, not coincidentally, against privacy. There are some really scary and little known details that may surprise the hell out of you. Hear firsthand how the legislators' ignorance of technology and desire to control the masses could make your life a living hell. Find out what you can do now to help shape pending laws on cryptography, privacy, free speech and even owning a computer.

Assorted panelists
Sunday, 3:00 pm
Cult of the Dead Cow is the oldest active group in the hacker underground (around since 1984), and they've got a little bit to say about the impact of the Internet on the world around us. From Chinese dissidents to our own political activists, the underdogs finally have an advantage over the Goliath of Big Brother.... The times they are a changin'. 1997 is the Year of the Cow, and cDc is your only hope for absolution.

Live from Holland
Sunday, 4:00 pm
While there are many advantages to living in Holland, one of the big disadvantages is the fact that their conference ends earlier than ours because of that time difference thing. We don't know what kind of shape they'll be in by the time we wind up finishing but we'll be wide awake for their grand finale. This will be a live broadcast from the Dutch campground and will include a summation of what went on during this historic weekend.

Sunday, 5:00 pm
One of the panels we had the most fun with at the first HOPE was the Social Engineering seminar. We expect to have at least as much fun this time as hackers attempt to demonstrate live just what it means to get unauthorized information out of a human being. No matter how advanced and secure our networks and systems become, this is one form of hacking that can never die. At least, not until there are no more people.

Phiber Optik, surprise guests
Sunday, 7:00 pm
One of the sadder aspects of the hacker world is the growing number of hacker prisoners. Some victims of this will describe their experiences and what kinds of tricks the government plays on naive young people. If you want to be a hacker who stays out of jail, it might be good to sit in on this one. If you're interested in things that go on in our nation's prisons, prepare to have your eyes opened.

Attorney Donald Randolph
Sunday, 8:00 pm
For more than two and a half years, Kevin Mitnick has been held in a prison by the U.S. government. And during this whole time, all kinds of mistruths and fictions have been uttered by the prosecution, echoed by the media, and believed by the public. On this panel, Mitnick's lawyer (Donald Randolph) will help set the record straight and provide some little known details on what has happened so far. Find out who Kevin Mitnick is and who he isn't.

Sunday, 10:00 pm
"The most beloved, the most hated, and the most respected hacking group of all time" (r00t description of themselves) will discuss their history, their evil deeds, and their many uses of silly putty. Your one and only chance to see a real live hacking group yet to narq out themselves. They're all a bunch of idiots, but they own you.

The Grand Finale
Sunday, 11:00 pm
About eight hours after the HIP conference in Holland ends, it'll be our turn to pull the plugs. This may take a while.

A note from Cheshire Catalyst:

The TAP Reunion, a meeting of the staff, hangers-on, and even some adoring fans who've shown an interest, will be held on the evening of Saturday August 9 at 9 PM EDT. The get-together will be held at Eddies, 14 Waverly Place between Washington Sq and Broadway. This is a bit of a hike from the Puck Building, but not too bad - certainly not worth a cab or bus. If you don't know to wear good walking shoes to New York City, then THIS is your First Warning!

Eddie's was one of the places where TAP regulars (and irregulars) would gather on Friday nights over burgers & cokes. Besides being one of the few places in NYC we frequented that's still open, it's actually large enough to hold the crowd I expect will show up. And a Saturday night in August should be pretty slow!

You never expected fast service at Eddie's anyway.

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