Beyond HOPE
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Panel Details Available!

The Beyond HOPE planners have been working around the clock, planning the panels and other events which will take place at Beyond HOPE. We're pleased to present details on the speakers and panels. Keep your eyes on this site for the final schedule to be released very shortly.

Beyond HOPE parties come to New York

The Grand Opening Party and the Beyond HOPE Rave are just two of the events happening in New York especially for Beyond HOPE attendees. Full information is available in the Party area.

Steal this GIF (and link to us...)

Send all the visitors to your web site to our web site via this cool animated GIF courtesy of Meem.

Nifty Beyond HOPE Logo, Animated by Meem

Simply right-click (most platforms) on the GIF to download it to your local machine. Then, upload the graphic file to your web server and add the following line to your page:

<a href=""> <img src="yourpath/bh_animated.gif" align=abscenter alt="Beyond HOPE Logo, Animated by Meem" border=0> </a>

Beyond HOPE F.A.Q. Finally Available!

After weeks of wait, the Beyond HOPE F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions list) is available! Everything you ever wanted to know about Beyond HOPE (we hope) is here, so check it out.

The Beyond HOPE Fed List

We can all expect some Feds to show up at Beyond HOPE – we haven't found a single hacker conference without them. Who, exactly, are these people? We've just started compiling a list of agencies that have shown a real interest in Beyond HOPE, and it's available now.